Moving to the cloud lifts business IT performance with Office 365

Office 365 Case Study

For a growing business with multiple sites and hundreds of employees, the issue of scalability is key to future proofing an IT system. New users must be added quickly and easily and they will need access to email from multiple devices including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

For rapidly expanding car dealership group Ridgeway, the challenge was to deliver a consistently high standard of email performance to employees working across 28 sites and in five counties.

With more than 2,000 devices – including hundreds of smartphones – making demands on its only server, the system was not coping well and was becoming increasingly unreliable creating frustrating spells of down time and impacting on productivity.

The company was using a mixture of solutions to connect to email via Microsoft Outlook including mailboxes and connector systems and POP mail on individual machines. As well as the reliability issues Ridgeway was experiencing, Optimising IT was also concerned about data security issues with this approach.

Rather than installing additional servers to give greater capacity, Optimising IT’s favoured route was to move email to the cloud and use the benefits of Office 365.

With careful planning, Optimising IT successfully moved more than 800 people to Office 365 minimal down time or interruptions.

Looking to the future, Ridgeway will no longer be reliant on local internet access to keep the email network afloat, and time spent maintaining hardware and upgrading software are significantly reduced. Moving email to the cloud also means that the experts who created the software are taking are of the maintenance. Software updates and fixes are delivered automatically as soon as they are released.

Now Ridgeway’s employees enjoy reliable and robust email connectivity wherever and whenever they need it. Data is secure and time previously spent maintaining hardware and software can be used to move the company’s overall IT functionality forward.

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