Client Consultancy

Client Consultancy

We’re here to guide you through change, investment or consolidation, so you can maximise your returns and future-proof your workplace.

Client Consultancy

We’re here to guide you through change, investment or consolidation, so you can maximise your returns and future-proof your workplace.

Navigating the IT landscape

Effective, efficient IT systems are key to driving your business forward. Our consultative approach enables us to understand your business inside out, so we can deliver elegant, future-proof solutions. We believe that building long-lasting, strategic partnerships with our customers is a surefire way to achieve great results.

Explore the individual client consultancy services offered by Optimising IT below:

Technology Review

Technology Review

Understanding your IT landscape is essential to getting the most from it.

You need to be confident that your IT strategy is perfectly aligned with your plans, to help drive your business forward, benefiting from cost-savings, increased productivity and efficiencies.

Technology Review

Our approach

Our approach is different; we won’t just run automated network scans, we’ll make sure we really get to know your business.

During the course of the review, we’ll speak to members of your business including Senior Management, IT staff, Information Security Officer, and end users.

Save time and money

Spending time getting to know your business enables us to build a full picture of your goals and strategy, along with the day-to-day challenges that can hinder these, resulting in an elegant, future-proof solution, ultimately saving you money and time.

Important q’s to ask your business

Can your IT support your business growth plans, or is it blocking your business?

Are you regularly having to deal with ‘IT issues’ and do you understand why these occur?

Are you getting value for money and is your IT budget working hard enough for you?

Is your IT fit for purpose?

Are your staff able to work efficiently, supported by your IT systems and services?

Are there risks in your current IT environment?

Is your business’ and your customers’ data safe?

Our Technology Review has already helped many customers to transform their IT, giving them that all important competitive edge. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your business needs.

Technology Review

IT Strategy

Businesses change over time, so it’s important your IT strategy evolves with you. Many businesses find that as they grow, their IT infrastructure is unable to cope with new demands placed on it.

Also, IT solutions put in place in the early days can then struggle to keep pace. And growth through acquisition, can often result in disparate systems and services not working in harmony.

Sometimes, you need to take a step back and assess whether the solutions and services you have are still fit for purpose in your new business landscape. Or you just need a different perspective. Whether you have an IT department who need a helping hand, or are without any IT resource to guide you, we can help. Our experienced Consultants have broad industry exposure across sectors including finance, automotive, energy, manufacturing, cloud services, public sector, marketing and big data, so it’s highly likely that we’ve come across challenges you may be facing and have overcome them before.

If you’re planning business change and you need the reassurance that your IT infrastructure and services are going to support this, we can give you confidence that your IT strategy is in line with your plans. We’ll make sure there are no nasty surprises and changes happen seamlessly.

Technology Review
Due Diligence

Due Diligence

During M&A transactions, IT is often overlooked or left until late in the process, leading to unexpected costs and delays to integration after the deal has been done.

Detailed IT due diligence ensures that you have a full understanding of the current IT environment, whether it will support the business’ changing needs post-acquisition, and what investment will be required to integrate with your business.

Our due diligence reviews offer:

  • An understanding of the current IT applications, infrastructure, processes and teams
  • A pragmatic plan for integration with your existing environment
  • A view of any potential risks
  • Any opportunities for improvements and cost savings

We’ve carried out due diligence for a variety of businesses across a range of sectors, giving them assurance that there will be no nasty surprises following acquisition, and completed project work to integrate the acquired business into existing systems and processes.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Understanding what data your business owns and processes is key to ensuring its security. Data breaches are more likely to occur where there is a lack of knowledge about how data is being handled within your business. Data Privacy consultancy is a great way to ensure you’re taking the right action to keep your staff and customer data safe.

We can help by:

  • Checking that you are compliant with current legislation
  • By helping you to build a data register to understand:
    • Where your data is coming from
    • Where it is stored and processed
    • Who has access to it

We’ve helped businesses across a range of sectors to understand their data and make sure that access is controlled, reducing the risk of a breach. We also offer staff training so your whole business has the data privacy awareness needed to keep your data safe.

Information Security

Information Security

Data is one of your business’ most valuable assets. The news today seems full of reports of companies failing to protect their data, from laptops being left on trains to high profile companies having customers’ credit card data stolen by hackers.

Fortunately, among all the potential complexity of information security, there are some pragmatic steps you can take to minimise risk and start your business on the path to a robust Information Security Management System.

Protect your business

Our experienced consultants will review your IT infrastructure and practices and recommend a plan of action to get your business fully protected. With experience in achieving compliance to data security standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS, we can help de-mystify the process and cut through the jargon to help you safeguard your data.

Find out more about our Cyber Fit service offering a one day cyber-security review…

Project Management

Project Management and Delivery

IT project management can be a daunting task, with specialist knowledge needed to ensure the best solution is delivered with minimal disruption to your business.

Our Technical Solutions team will work with you to determine your requirements and design a solution that meets those while offering best value for your investment. We are completely independent and work with many 3rd party providers to ensure we can offer a best-fit solution for your business.

Our Approach to Project Management

  • Throughout your project, activity will be overseen by an experienced IT Project Manager using proven, best-practice principles from PRINCE2 project management methodology
  • Our Project Manager will keep you up-to-date throughout the project and will highlight any potential risks to you, allowing decisions to be made before they impact delivery
  • We take care to apply the right skill-set to each project. Deploying the right balance of Project Management and Technical expertise, so you don’t pay over the odds for resource you don’t need
  • We ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget and to business expectations

Experience and knowledge

You can rest assured that our Technical Solutions Engineers bring a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to deliver your solution, drawing on many years of delivering a range of IT projects into businesses of all sizes across a wide range of sectors.

Get in touch if you require our expertise in IT Project Management and technical delivery.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Understanding your business is crucial to making informed decisions for your strategy and future investments. The power of data is often overlooked. There are huge amounts of data in your organisation which can offer important insights into its financial and operational performance. Often, this data sits within disparate departments and systems, making it difficult to gain an overall view.

Introducing Power BI

Our passion for data has led us to develop our Power BI dashboard, bringing together your data from across the whole business, giving you that all important insight at your fingertips. Allowing you to monitor activity, review performance and identify areas for improvement. At Optimising IT, we too use Power BI to help drive our business forward, harnessing the power of data.

Power BI enables you to:

  • Monitor financial performance and forecasts, giving you an all-important holistic view
  • Create sales pipelines to track sales progress
  • Manage project delivery from start to finish
  • Efficiently utilise resource
  • Drive operational performance
  • Gage customer satisfaction to maintain high levels of customer service

The Power of Business Intelligence

Decision Making

Business Intelligence provides structured insight into your business allowing you to make smart and informed decisions to shape the future of your business.


Business Intelligence allows you to see how each area of your business is performing, whether that’s financial, sales, operational, utilisation or customer satisfaction.

Identifying Trends

Business Intelligence highlights trends, allowing you to plan for future growth and the shape of your business. It also provides an early warning system to alert you to potential issues, enabling you to address them before they impact your business.

Continuous Improvement

Business Intelligence can highlight areas for concern such as bottlenecks in your processes, inefficiencies and time sinks, allowing you to identify areas for investment, training or improvement and then measure the results of these changes.

Understanding Customers

Business Intelligence gives you the insight into how your customers interact with your business, from initial contact through to customer satisfaction, letting you focus on providing a first-class service.

Powerful and practical business reports

Data for Business Intelligence can be gathered from many sources across your business, including software APIs, databases and even Excel. We can help you pull this data together into a powerful overall view of your business and design practical reports and dashboards to give you true insight.

Power BI

Get in touch if you’d like to experience the power of Business Intelligence in your business.

Software Strategy

Business Software Strategy

Data is one of the most valuable assets in your business, so it’s important to know you’re getting the most from it. However, with separate systems operating in isolation, there can be duplication and a lack of overall visibility. Making sure your systems and processes are working together seamlessly is key to understanding your business end-to-end.

Our experienced consultant will:

  • Carry out an audit of the applications and manual systems in place across your business, following the flow of data and mapping out business processes.
  • Using this information, they will:
    • evaluate software
    • consider how it is delivered to your business
    • complete due diligence around security
  • This will give you a clear picture of the best software roadmap for your business.

We can also provide both Business Intelligence services and bespoke software integration to help your systems work in harmony and leverage the data within them.

Get in touch if you’d like advice on how to best shape your Software Strategy.

Software Strategy

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