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Cloud-Hosted Email Signatures

Optimising IT offers simple and easy-to-manage cloud-hosted email signatures.

  • Improve your email branding and drive conversations
  • Simplify your email signature process
  • Reduce email file size and eliminate attachments.

Our email signature services have been used to spearhead charity campaigns and fundraisers, special offers and discounts, seasonal messages, meeting and webinar booking opportunities and much more.

Discover how email signatures can benefit you.

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Email Signature

What Are Email Signatures?

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Email signatures are powerful branding and audience engagement tools.
They can include a number of essential elements, such as:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Profile email
  • Contact details
  • Links
  • Brand messages.

All of these important details are wrapped up in an eye-catching and memorable branding design. Email signatures are popular across all industries and business sectors. They’re seen as valuable digital assets that help build brand awareness, foster relationships and improve trustworthiness.

What Are Cloud-Hosted Email Signatures?

A traditional email signature is a file attached to your email displaying the visual elements of the signature and containing any links.

Cloud-hosted email signatures, on the other hand, are designed and kept online. Instead of sending an email attachment containing your signature, a snippet of code is input into your email. When somebody opens the email from you, that code loads the email signature just as the attachment would.

The recipient can see the same email signature. You’ve just sent it in a different way.

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Why Choose Us

Key Benefits of Email Signatures

By adding email signatures, you can grab attention and start more meaningful conversations. Email signatures offer:


A Strong and Professional Appearance


Excellent Opportunities to Share Message and Branding


Convenient Ways to Display All Your Essential Details

Why Choose Us

Key Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Email Signatures

Cloud-based email signatures have a number of important benefits, and many of these improve on traditional email signature attachments. These benefits include:

No Installation Required

Some email signatures require additional software or hardware installation in order to load. However, cloud-based email signatures are loaded online through remote services — no need for any further installation.

Office 365 Integration

If you’re one of the 1 million-plus businesses that use Microsoft 365, then our quick and easy integration with Microsoft services will make email signatures even more convenient.

Reduced Email File Size

Instead of sending email attachments that increase email file size — potentially even going over file size limitations if sending with other attachments — hosted email signatures use minimal data space when sent.

Easy to Update

Stored of-fsite on separate cloud software, it’s easy to update email signatures without changing your file attachments.

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Fast and Simple Setup

It couldn’t be easier to set up your cloud-hosted email signature. Just create your signature design, add it to our cloud system and place the code in your email.

Trusted Hosting

Your email signatures are hosted in trusted, reliable and secure data centres. There’s no risk of tampering or file corruption.

No Attachments

With some users wary of attachments in emails, hosted signatures can help to increase recipient trust and, therefore, email open rate.

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How It Works

Everything is handled through an intuitive web-used UI. Easily accessible from anywhere, here you can upload email signature designs, make amendments and edits, and source the code used to display your email signatures.

Cloud-hosted email signature solutions allow you to take control of your email signatures.

You can update your messaging, information, links and all other elements of your email signatures whenever you need to. Centrally manage all your email signatures, giving you the flexibility to make changes as you need. Implement rules and switch your branding for new campaigns to communicate a consistent and curated brand message.

Secure your cloud signature

Secure Your Cloud Email Signatures with Optimising IT

Our bespoke cloud email signature services give you full control of your email signatures.

Manage and change your email signatures whenever you need to.
Add them to your emails without increasing file size or including attachments.
Always ensure accurate and up-to-date links and information.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your email signature goals and requirements.