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Ready to experience the true benefits of Microsoft 365 workplace productivity tools? Our managed 365 services promise to extract the very best opportunities from Microsoft’s industry-leading cloud platform.

Work with fully certified Microsoft Gold Partners.
Unlock your business potential with best-in-class productivity applications.
Access award-winning and cost-effective Microsoft 365 solutions.
Upgrade to the cloud for better security, accessibility and collaboration.

Introduce, optimise, customise, maintain, migrate or integrate Microsoft 365 business solutions with fully managed services from Optimising IT.

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About Our Managed Microsoft 365 Services

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At Optimising IT, we believe that a consultative approach to your business is always the best approach. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our managed IT specialists know that to help your business grow and overcome IT challenges, we need to understand your enterprise inside and out.

Our managed Microsoft 365 services always start with consultations and reviews. We want to know what your current IT services look like, what you’d like or need them to look like, and what your expectations are. This information is invaluable to our team and allows us to take your requirements and build you the perfect Microsoft 365 service package.

Think of our Microsoft 365 managed services as an extension of your IT department. At Optimising IT, we’re committed to growing your business as if it were our own. We’ll work with your leadership teams, IT support staff and workforce to develop a solution that offers everything your business needs, just as an internal department would.

Only then can we provide you with the managed Microsoft 365 services that really benefit your goals.


Our Managed 365 Services

Does your business need help with managed Office 365 services, or are you looking to optimise your remote working with teams, or bolster your data security, or develop new CRM tools?

Optimising IT offers a full range of digital services, covering all facets of 365 cloud software management.
Discover the ideal service for your business requirements.

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Custom Microsoft 365 Licensing Services

Take advantage of our consultative approach to Microsoft 365 licensing services. Our Microsoft 365 Gold certified experts will carefully investigate your business software demands and develop a full suite of 365 application licensing capable of supporting your goals. From Office 365 to a full range of productivity, security and communication tools, we’ll help you define your objectives and select the best Microsoft 365 licensing to achieve them. Save time, save money and build your business with Optimising IT.

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Microsoft Teams Solutions

Optimise your remote work practices and get the most out of your collaborative projects with our managed Microsoft Teams solutions. We offer enhanced Teams management, ensuring you experience all the benefits of Microsoft’s industry-leading video conferencing and digital connectivity service. Optimising IT takes care of everything, including managing your Microsoft Teams’ security, updating software, integrating additional 365 tools and more. Discover just how effective Microsoft Teams can be.

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Microsoft Modern Desktop

Discover the power and flexibility of the Microsoft Modern Desktop. Take advantage of technological innovations built for scalability, accessibility and remote working. Our Microsoft Modern Desktop services help you eliminate expensive hardware and outdated software, bringing you into the future with adaptive and future-proof cloud tools. The modern desktop takes your desktop online, transforming the way you work. Forget about computers, servers and in-house software. Access all applications and data through the cloud.

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Managed Microsoft Security

Secure your data and protect your digital business assets with our managed Microsoft 365 security services. Our team works closely with your organisation, analysing your current data protection and Microsoft 365 practice. Together, we’ll work to ensure your use of Microsoft 365 cloud tools follows regulatory compliance guidelines and data protection laws. We’ll also look for ways to optimise your other business processes to include safe and secure Microsoft 365 use, such as data sharing from other platforms.

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Why Choose Our Managed 365 Services?

We’ve worked hard to develop Microsoft 365 managed services that are optimised to bring your business all of the most attractive features of the 365 suite without the drawbacks.

Discover how Optimising IT goes above and beyond.

Microsoft Gold Partners

Our Microsoft Gold partnership status certifies Optimising IT as quality providers of Microsoft 365 managed services. As Gold Microsoft Partners, we’ve proven our professional standards and dedication to supporting 365 integration and service development.

Custom-Built Plans

All of our Microsoft 365 managed IT services are bespoke. Every plan and package we provide is built entirely around your business needs, targeted at solving your problems and optimising your business’ unique IT services.

Cost-Effective Microsoft Services

We know how to optimise your Microsoft 365 service packages and licenses to ensure you’re not overpaying for services you don’t need. Cut costs without cutting features and applications that benefit your business.

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Award-Winning Managed IT

Our managed IT services are award-winning. Recognised by the Service Desk Institute for Best Managed IT Services in 2020, we’re committed to high standards of excellence. From 24/7 phone support to regular on-site visits, we’re always there for you.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

As a completely cloud-based solution based on adaptable subscription models and licensing, Microsoft 365 tools offer total flexibility, allowing you to scale your services as needed, introducing applications as you grow and change.

A Better Way of Working

Microsoft 365 services are best-in-class tools optimised for business productivity. We use them ourselves every day and are confident that together, we can utilise your 365 platform to improve your workplace technology and empower your business to achieve more.

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Ridgeway Automotive, the fast-growing motor dealership group in the UK, delivers high standards of excellence to its customers across a rapidly expanding range of outlets. Ridgeway, whose premium car brands include Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Maserati and Mercedes-Benz, has grown quickly through acquisitions, new site builds and organic interest. As Ridgeway moved from strength to strength, the automotive group needed to consider their IT systems’ value carefully, and their ability to keep up with ever-increasing demand.



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