Mike Hotard
Group IT Manager, H.R. Owen

Customers of H.R. Owen have very high expectations of service. To meet that expectation H.R. Owen need support partners that share the same ethos of service excellence. Optimising IT delivered that service.

Proudly supporting H.R. Owen

The Challenge

H.R. Owen are the UK’s official dealer of luxury motorcars from marques including Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. Operating within such a prestigious market place, with a high net worth clientele, H.R. Owen were keen to ensure that their information security was in the best possible shape to ensure minimal risk to its customers.

H.R. Owen discussed approaches with several InfoSec partners and found Optimising IT’s expertise within the Automotive sector, complemented by a pragmatic, partnered approach, to be best suited to meet the sensitive needs of the business.

Our approach

We delivered a comprehensive Information Security, data privacy and Cyber Essentials Gap Analysis which reviewed all of H.R. Owen’s key business operations against the Optimising IT best practice framework. This included site visits to talk to staff, plus a thorough review of the technical controls and security infrastructure in place.

The output from the Gap Analysis was a 70-page report with a high-level summary of the review, a comprehensive Risk Register and detailed feedback across the defined control areas, including recommended actions.

Beyond the report, we also provided ongoing assistance and consultancy, including the production of updated data privacy documentation, procedures, technical advice and staff training.


H.R. Owen gained a thorough and detailed understanding of their current Cyber Security and data privacy approach in a risk-based context, including detailed recommendations.

From the documentation provided, H.R. Owen were enabled to implement recommendations around each area of the business autonomously, with access to retainer-based consultancy services for any unforeseen challenges.

The end result was a reduction of risk in key areas with regards to cyber-security and data privacy compliance, giving the Board assurance that their customer data is safe.

Cyber-security trends

Cyber Threats pose the 2nd biggest risk to businesses globally

As many as 61% of SMEs are hit by cyber-attacks every year

Over 92% of malware is delivered via email