Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

We tailor Managed IT service solutions to fit your business, delivering best in class Enterprise level toolsets and technology.

Managed IT Services

We tailor Managed IT service solutions to fit your
business, delivering best in class Enterprise level
toolsets and technology.

Seamless integrations

We can integrate with your existing IT team to offer additional resource across the Service Desk, or in an infrastructure environment in a Co-Source model, or an end-to-end Fully Managed IT service.

We’ve done the hard work of finding the best people, investing in their continual training, and making sure our customers receive a consistently high standard of service. We remove the headache of managing multiple service providers, giving you peace of mind that your IT is in safe hands, allowing you to drive your business forward.

The Managed IT Service make-up that makes us different:

The Optimising IT difference

Optimising IT has been established with some key differentiators in service quality, service management and collaboration.

Straight to 2nd line
We put the best engineers at the front line of support to fix incidents and deliver service requests quickly and efficiently
Separate Proactive and Reactive support
The Service Desk has a dedicated support team fixing incidents and a focused (and uninterrupted) service team delivering service requests. The net effect is a First Contact Resolution (FCR) that exceeds 78%
Ongoing continual service improvement targets
We set meaningful targets for underlying incident reduction over time via root cause analysis and pro-active support
Leading IT Service Management tools and reporting
We seamlessly integrate monitoring alerts to the ticketing system coupled with Management Reporting via Power BI
Strict Change Control Process
Ensuring appropriate sign-offs and processes are adhered to from the joint Change Advisory Board (CAB)
Assessing business strategy and goals
Helping our clients establish and maintain their competitive edge, adding value by challenging the status quo.

Fully Managed IT service components

It is all in the detail:

IT Service Desk as a single point of contact for all IT users covering desktop, telephony, server and infrastructure support. A customer service interface that understands user behaviour, technologies and key applications, in addition to escalation with the various 3rd party suppliers and their interdependencies.

Infrastructure Support & Management integrated with IT Service Desk escalation, covering pro-active monitoring and management of the underlying network estate. Server and Network performance monitoring, threshold breaching and patch management.

IT Service Management for the on-going evolution of services including reporting, Service Level and Key Performance Indicators, continuous improvement, third party management (and integration with common SLAs and KPIs), scheduled service management meetings. Identification of user based training and new service / application launch workshops.

On-site deskside support with rapid response for field based and office-based end-users, deployed via escalation and under management from the IT Service Desk.

IT Service Governance formal measurement and reporting to ensure service meets the evolving business needs, strategic objectives are met and value for money is delivered.

IT Strategy & Information Security Consultancy and Guidance – Roadmap and development, can include health checks and penetration testing.

Project Implementation – Included as part of the initial transformation plan but an ongoing optional and segregated element of service management covering the design, planning and execution of projects to evolve the IT landscape in line with the business vision and strategy.

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Desktop Support

Desktop Support

All too often, calling your IT support means being given a reference number and then waiting to hear back before the problem is looked at and hopefully fixed. When incidents are handled in this way, it can leave staff frustrated and in the dark as to when issues will be fixed.

Optimising IT has a different approach. Your staff can contact us by email or telephone, safe in the knowledge that our experienced 2nd and 3rd level team will manage any incidents through to resolution, all the while keeping them informed of progress. Resulting in minimal staff downtime and frustration.

Optimising IT boasts an impressive average First Contact Resolution (FCR) that exceeds 78%.

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits our friendly, professional, and highly-efficient Desktop Support service can have on your business.

On Site Support

On-site Support

Whilst remote support is often the fastest and most efficient way of resolving issues, there are times when you need an engineer on site. We can offer both on-demand site visits and regular ‘surgeries’ to ensure we are getting to hear about any IT issues or challenges your staff are facing.

Our highly experienced field engineers are also available on an ad hoc basis to help with onsite work such as important office moves or hardware roll outs.

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of our On-Site Support for your business.

Network Infrastructure Support

Network & Infrastructure Support

Keeping your network and infrastructure in great shape is key to ensuring that they continue to work for your business. Declining performance, disks reaching capacity and security vulnerabilities can lead to frustratingly slow performance, downtime or even loss of data and services.

We offer a fully managed Network and Infrastructure support service with:

  • Performance and capacity monitoring
  • Firmware updates
  • Software and security patching – to head off potential issues before they impact your business.

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of our fully managed Network and Infrastructure Support service for your business.

Network Infrastructure Support

Network as a Service

Our network as a service allows your business to take advantage of the ‘as a service’ model for infrastructure, that has typically involved owning and maintaining costly infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Network as a Service, offers a whole host of benefits to your organisation:

Suitably sized LAN and Wi-Fi solutions allowing your business to grow and operate without constraint

Remotely monitored, managed and updated infrastructure enabling pro-active support and patch management

Network performance and security looked after by qualified and experienced network experts, giving you peace of mind

Traffic shaping to ensure your most critical processes get the bandwidth they need

Load balancing allows your network to cope with peaks in demand

Segregation of corporate and guest access giving your business systems priority and increasing security

Web content filtering to ensure that inappropriate or illegal content cannot be accessed

Intrusion detection, protection systems and anti-malware to keep your network secure

With a monthly fee, which covers the latest managed firewalls, switches and wireless access points, having a network provision ‘as a service’ enables best of breed security and service quality, delivered to your employees and customers without a costly infrastructure outlay and the need to employ network management experts.

Get in touch to find out more about IT networks and how they are flexible and scalable to grow with your business.

Transition Approach

Our Transition Approach

Changing your IT provider can be daunting, whether moving from an in-house team, replacing another outsource provider, or supplementing your team with co-sourcing, there’s a host of knowledge and information that needs to be shared.

Change can also be the best decision for your business. With the right approach, change delivers improved service quality, efficiency savings and increased productivity.

Our approach is to spend time with your business getting to know your IT environment. This doesn’t just mean running scans on your network, we take the time to speak to key staff and stakeholders in various business functions to give you the best advice on that all-important next step, unleashing the true potential of your IT.

Professional advice

For us IT is personal. Site visits allow us to gather the valuable information we need to give you the best possible advice. We take care to find out about your:

  • Physical site layout, and how your people use IT
  • Security, Wi-Fi and Network configuration
  • Commonly used software
  • Areas for tactical and strategic improvement plus quick-wins

Personal Launch Plan

Following a structured transition plan we ensure that all information is gathered, documented, feed-back is provided and actioned prior to the service going live.

We know the importance of a smooth transition. We go one step further and help you to communicate with your staff, by producing a professional ‘welcome pack’ with a combination of digital messaging and physical ‘Go Live’ promotional collateral to communicate the launch and enhancement of your new service.

At Optimising IT, we take care of every detail to deliver a seamless transition for your organisation.

Get in touch if you’re planning to make changes to your IT and you’re in need of a strategic partner.

Project Management
Project Management

Project Management & Delivery

Managing IT projects can be time consuming and challenging; often there are many dependencies and third parties to coordinate and finding an available internal project manager who has the specialist skills needed for IT projects can be difficult.

We offer a complete package of on-demand, highly skilled resource, including engineers, procurement and a project manager to keep your projects on track. Your business benefits from the experience of our team and exposure to expertise gleaned from working on multiple IT projects across a range of sectors, including automotive, hospitality, legal services, recruitment, retail, and financial services to name but a few. Regular project updates and reporting ensure you are kept up to speed with progress and any potential risks can be discussed and mitigated before they become issues.

Examples of IT projects we have delivered include:

  • Cloud migrations
  • Network refits and WiFi installations
  • Office 365 implementations
  • Disaster recovery and backup solutions
  • Systems integrations
  • Providing IT infrastructure and comms for new site developments
  • Large scale office moves
  • Business Intelligence and reporting solutions

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of our Project Management & Delivery services for your business.

Service Managment

Service Management & Reporting

We believe that effective Managed IT Services can only be delivered with transparent, meaningful reporting that measures a range of Key Performance Indicators. This is key from both a service governance perspective and in helping identify and measure continuous service improvement.

Optimising IT operate a leading IT Service Management toolset that is:

  • Fully integrated with device and infrastructure monitoring and management capabilities
  • Coupled with Microsoft’s Power BI to collate accurate and up-to-date Service Management data and present it in a simple and visual way.

This can be effective for both the high-level ‘Operational board pack’ reporting plus the additional capability to drill down into the detail.

Business Intelligence

Having effective Business Intelligence around all elements of IT Service Management, including third party and key business applications providers in one place, when used effectively, can provide a genuine competitive edge.

It also enables the Optimising IT Service Delivery team to:

  • Identify pro-active problem management
  • Conduct root cause analysis
  • Deliver effective long-term resolution

This in turn will drive service improvements in underlying infrastructure performance and resilience, and lead to improved user satisfaction and increased productivity.

Continual Service Improvement

Our approach is to continually enhance the services we provide to our customers via the right mix of tools, process and people development. As part of the Operational Service Review process we demonstrate the steps that are being taken to enhance services in a measurable way that delivers results.

Managed Procurement

Managed Procurement

Finding your way through the many available options for hardware and software to choose the right products for your business can be complicated. And once you’ve decided what to purchase, managing multiple suppliers for quotes and negotiating prices is time-consuming.

Optimising IT partner with a number of suppliers and can deliver the most appropriate products for your business at competitive prices due to our established buying power and supplier relationships. Our supplier management experience allows us to take the stress out of purchasing for your business, reducing your administration and keeping it simple. We will only recommend what is right for your business and budget. And when it comes to building your machines, we will implement the optimal set-up for your business.

If you’re unsure exactly what your business needs and want to be confident you’re getting the best value for your investment, we can make recommendations based on experience installing and supporting a wide range of products and services. Remaining independent means, we can always offer best of breed solutions, selected to meet your business’ needs.

Software Licenses

When you purchase software licenses from Optimising IT, you can rest assured that we will monitor them for you, ensuring that renewals work seamlessly, allowing you to get on with running your business.

Managed Procurement

PCs, Laptops & Tablets

Windows Licenses

Office 365 licenses

AntiVirus licenses


Networking hardware

WiFi hardware

Get in touch to find out how we can save your business the resource and money with our Procurement service.

Co-Source VS Out-Source

IT Co-source Vs IT Out-source

Depending on the size and shape of your business, you could benefit from additional skilled resource through our IT Co-source or Out-source services:

IT Co-source

Co-sourcing can allow you to retain a core IT team, without the overhead of recruiting and managing additional staff for specific expertise or variable demand. It can be a powerful solution for when you already have an established in-house team or application expertise, and require additional skills or resource.

Benefits of Co-source

We can provide various co-source solutions to help you bridge skills or resource shortages. We have a wealth of expertise built up over many years of experience and can offer anything from extra 1st line helpdesk support and capacity to highly specialised project delivery.

IT Out-source

More and more companies each year are outsourcing their IT to skilled and experienced managed services companies. Outsourcing brings many advantages over in-house IT and can reduce costs while improving the service your business receives.

In-house IT challenges

Often, a small in-house IT team will struggle to maintain service over holiday periods or through sickness. They may also find they meet technical challenges that they do not have the technical expertise to overcome. Outsourcing gives you access to our highly skilled team who receive regular training and have broad experience to draw on.

Tap into our experienced team

We’ve done the hard work of finding the best people, investing in them and making sure our customers have year-round cover to a consistently high standard.

The cost of outsourcing is usually less than the cost of employing an in-house team and removes the challenge of recruiting and retaining good IT staff. However if Co-sourcing is the best approach for your business our staff will seamlessly integrate with and complement your in-house teams, working in a collaborative way to achieve your business needs.

Because our teams are continually evolving their skills and exposure to the various businesses and challenges we support, whether you opt for Co-source or Out-source you can rest assured that we are up to speed with the latest technology and able to apply this to your business.

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of Co-source or Out-sourcing your IT for your business.

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